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The ÜMF Store is the sales platform of ÜMF Musikprojektmanagement GbR as well as Garibaldi-Media, GeMa freelabel and Myrddin Triguel Music,  who are represented by ÜMF exclusively.

The ÜMF Musikprojektmanagement GbR was founded by Myrddin Triguel (musician/composer/music producer) and Gerald Maier (musician/composer/music producer/label boss) with the objective to bring musicians and fans closer together. ÜMF stands for Über meine Fans (‘via my fans’), and this denomination speaks for itself. Independent music needs an independent distribution.

In the ÜMF Store you find music, merch and many other stuff from our artists but also many services for compositors, performers and other creatives from the music business.

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